Top 5 Most Expensive Wedding Dresses: Diamonds, Silk and Platinum

What are the most expensive wedding dresses in the world? Topping the list is more expensive than an average Broadway musical production or a three-masted schooner. The Diamond Wedding Gown is what it is, a diamond-studded dress that will set you back by $12 million. We’ve updated the list for this year and, sorry, they are still, really, for most of us just a wedding in our dreams:

5: Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress – $388,088 :

Let’s take a look at the embellishments that make Kate Middleton’s wedding dress so special: Its narrow waist has been accented by the addition of extra oomph below the midsection. The bottom of the gown has been designed to resemble a blossoming flower. To hold the veil, Queen Elizabeth II gifted a sparkling tiara to Kate and it contains about 1,000 diamonds.

The gown’s long sleeves and lace collar pay homage to iconic bridal wear designs such as Grace Kelly’s famous wedding dress and the Queen’s own gown. Thus, Kate’s dress combines modernity and tradition to provide stunning results. It included both ivory and white fabric as well as lace with plenty of delicate flowers.

Kate Middleton’s train stretched to 9 feet, but the record is owned by Princess Diana whose train was an amazing 25 feet long. The bride wore ivory satin heels embroidered with added lace. Finally, for her reception, Kate changed into another outfit that was topped with a shrug and included a circle skirt that had diamante detailing at the waist.

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