The Five Rules Of Money!! Top news off 2019

3 Invest in fields you know more or you have experience in, also you may work as a student with someone:

Here’s a question, a deep one, would you rather ask Messi about scoring slam dunks or Jordan? Of course, you’d ask the tall 23 about that than the short 10.

When it comes to the investment the best thing to do is investing in the fields people invest in because there’s a lot of information concerning those fields and you can get help from anywhere, also one of the most recommended things to do is to become partner with people who have already knowledge and success in such field for example, for instance, if you invest your money with someone who has a trademark and a collection of restaurants in order to get a percentage, thus we advise you to never ask for more than 30% in your first collaborations, focus on learning the science of money and investment more than money itself.

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