He Discovered He Was on the Missing Person’s List ,After 30 Years His Adoption,

Imagine — one day you think you know who you are and where you’ve come from, and the next you realize you’ve been missing for three decades.

The story of Steve Carter Jr. has captivated millions of people. He was adopted at the age of three by United States Army officer Steve Carter and his wife Pat in Oahu, Hawaii.

As he matured, Carter wanted to learn more about his biological family. His search led him on a journey he never expected. This video explains in detail what he found:

It all started when Carter, then 35, browsed online and came across a missing children’s website. He clicked through a few pages and was shocked to discover his very own photo on the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

According to CNN, carter underwent a DNA test and soon found out that his biological father was Mark Barnes — a man who had reported his son lost after his wife went for a walk and never returned.

As you can see in the above video, sometimes life throws you some pretty wild curve balls, but with a bit of digging and perseverance, we can turn it all into a rich and beautiful experience.

Carter shared with CNN that his experience was “a happy ending to a story that usually isn’t a happy ending.”

“Good things do happen,” said Carter.

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